Build your own doTERRA Business

Each year millions of people try essential oils and aromatherapy for the first time. For the past decade essential oils have seen a huge shift from being an outside-mainstream product to something that almost every major retailer carries and millions of households enjoy.

doTERRA Essential Oils is the world leader in essential oils purity, science and production. Also, the #1 MLM company in the United States and approaching the same world wide.

When it comes finding a company that supports you vigorously, pays you generously, and produces a product that is changing the world, there's no better choice than doTERRA!

How do I grow a doTERRA business?

#1 Enroll new doTERRA members

Help others get started using the oils and enroll them with their own wholesale membership. As you do, you'll be building a network of residual income that will pay you immediately and grow over time.

You are not limited in how or where you can grow. BE CREATIVE!

# 2 Sell doTERRA products at retail

Purchase your oils at a 25-55% discount and then resell them at retail prices. You can sell them in person, in store or online. You have permission to use all of doTERRA's copyrighted images, videos, text, social media posts, plus any other trademarks Plus you have access to a team group full of resources to help you grow and flourish! 

All wellness advocates also receive a free dōTERRA business website (visit my doTERRA site here to see what your site will look like)

#3 Is there a minimum to buy each month?

As a business builder to "build" you would be looking to maintain 50 - 100PV* each month to qualify to earn all your commissions, which is easily achievable as you will be using oils and products yourself monthly. Please see the compensation plans below for the breakdown of each commission level requirements. Commissions are paid weekly and monthly.

(*50PV for Level 1 and 100PV for Levels 2-7)

Please Note: This is NOT a get rich quick scheme, you must be willing to put in the time to grow and build your business, but if done right you can start to earn a very good residual income, and/or build a full time career from being an Independent dōTERRA Advocate. 

doTERRA's Compensation Plan

doTERRA offers a very generous compensation plan with many ways to earn. From day one you can start selling and enrolling others from anywhere in the world. *Average annual earnings from doTERRA's top six leadership ranks.


Click the link below to find out more about our compensation plan.

The dōTERRA Compensation Plan UK & Europe

The dōTERRA Compensation Plan USA & Canada

(Don't see your relevant compensation plan above? We operate in many countries across the globe, so please email me direct via my contact page stating which country you would like the details for and I can forward the information directly to you)

Partner with us!

I am profoundly grateful for what doTERRA has done for me personally over the years, from helping support my health & wellbeing, to creating some incredible life long friendships with my growing team.. dōTERRA helps so many create a lifestyle based on passion, which is why I made it my personal mission to continue to pay it forward, by building a strong and supportive team culture within my own organization/team. 

I LOVE nothing more than helping others start their doTERRA business and fulfill their own goals and dreams. If a total career change is something your looking at we still have founders positions available across the globe. Could you be our next Founder? 

Get the mentorship and support you need.

To be successful in doTERRA, it takes a team, and as your sponsor, I will work directly with you to teach you how to build your business through a series of trainings and ongoing support provided by myself and the wider team, so your never alone! We support one another from the start. 

Benefits of Membership 

When you purchase a starter kit with me you will get access to:

  • Receive wholesale pricing (25% off) with no ordering requirements or minimum order requirements EVER (unless your business building, then there are a few minimum requirements to maintain your team commissions)

  • Monthly Team/Customer giveaways 

  • A private 30 minute welcome call, and ongoing follow up calls to help you build your knowledge with confidence

  • Access into our private members area/group which goes over the top oils/products and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle and includes our 8 week cont. education series, all available for you to do at your own pace 

  • (optional) If your looking to grow a business you also gain access to our private team business training and support group with the exact blueprint for starting, growing and building your own success.

  • Plus business builders will have access to Leadership programs, and mentoring by top doterra leaders.

  • Access into my new exclusive beauty & home formulations ever growing library with my own formulations/recipes, plus video tutorials (You must order a minimum of 125pv monthly to access) 

  • And a custom welcome package (with the purchase of any starter kit/or sign up order of 100PV or more) to give you the tools to utilize your oils. (UK only)

How do I get started?

There are many ways to get started simply reach out to me, you can reach me via my social media profiles from the links above, open a chat right here just below, or simply fill out the email form here and I will contact you to set up a time to talk and help you get started, it will take us about 20-30 minutes to get you set up and then you can start creating your essential oil lifestyle, and I just know you will LOVE IT!!! 

Still got questions? Check out the Signing up FAQ page here

Please note: I am often asked if you can sign up with myself if you live in another country, the answer is 100% yes if you are living in a dōTERRA open market, we are a global team and always looking to expand.


Below are the countries that dōTERRA currently operate in:

North America

United States
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Central America

Costa Rica



South America





Greater China

Mainland China


Hong Kong
















Greece (EU)


Netherlands (EU)


Austria (EU)


Hungary (EU)




Belgium (EU)




Poland (EU)


Bulgaria (EU)


Ireland (EU)


Portugal (EU)


Croatia (EU)




Romania (EU)


Cyprus (EU)


Italy (EU)




Slovakia (EU)


Czech Republic (EU)


Lativa (EU)


Slovenia (EU)


Denmark (EU)




Spain (EU)


Estonia (EU)


Lithuania (EU)


Finland (EU)


Luxembourg (EU)




France (EU)


Malta (EU)


United Kingdom (EU)


Germany (EU)




New Zealand


New markets are always opening so it's worth emailing me direct if your country is not listed, you can reach me via my contact page.