What are Essential Oils

You have probably at one time or another used an essential oil, but in recent years (particularly this year) they just seem to be every where! Would you believe me if I tell you that essential oils are magical gifts from mother nature….no honestly, they are! They can help support your health and well-being so much, and at the moment we all could use the extra support for that. 


But what exactly are essential oils thou? 


They are naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in plants. The flowers, leaves, woods, seeds, bark, stems, roots, grasses and fruit rind. They are known as the immune system of the plant and act as a defence mechanism against disease and environmental threats. When extracted, the compounds produced are highly potent and contain their own healing properties which we can then take advantage of.


Each essential oil has its own unique chemistry and is made up of hundreds of individual chemical compounds. Essential oil molecules are so tiny in structure that when massaged onto the skin, they are able to pass through the outer layer of the epidermis. Once they enter the bloodstream essential oils target specific areas of the body with their healing benefits. Mother nature has an innate intelligence and wants to bring the body and mind back into balance.


Now I understand if you just want to pop the oils in a diffuser and make your house smell heavenly (who wouldn’t?). And believe me defusing these oils is such a joy!! 


But what you might not know is that your essential oils can benefit you in so many other ways too. For example you can apply Peppermint to your temples and the back of your neck to relieve head tension, and you can also add a few drops in your raw chocolate or other tasty treats you create (it tastes divine). It’s also amazing for taking the heat out of a sunburn and deterring ants and other bugs from your home. Do you know another bug repellent you could ingest? I think not!


Or you might not realise that you can use Frankincense or Lavender to make your own chemical free beauty products. From top to bottom for Mum, Dad and little ones (and Teens) you can create a multitude of natural products. 


And I’ll bet you didn’t know that Tea Tree, Lemon and Oregano are not just great for cleaning, but they are some of the most immune boosting essential oils around!


That all said, don’t just go to any old shop to purchase your oils. There is a reason I align myself with dōTERRA essential oils, and it's because I know they are the purest unadulterated oils I have EVER come across, and believe me I have used HEAPS of brands over the course of my 21 years in the industry! I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to be putting something onto or into my body (especially if I’m doing it for my own therapeutic purposes), I want to know that it’s the absolute best quality it can be! doTERRA give me that assurance and once you try these oils too, I promise you too will fall in love!