Ways to Use Essential Oils 

Your sense of smell is your most powerful sense and it influences many physiological pathways. When using oils aromatically, you can either take the cap off and breathe in straight from the bottle, or place a drop in between your hands, rub them together and inhale deeply, or even diffuse them. Aside from the emotional benefits, diffusing essential oils can rid the air of smells and create a pleasant atmosphere in your home, car, desk at work- anywhere!


In the morning I love to use 1-2 drops of Balance® in my hands and rub them together, cup my hands over my nose and mouth and inhale. I then run my hands across the back of my neck and down my arms. Another favourite use is to add a couple of drops Rosemary or Cypress in the corner of the shower and then let the steam turn my bathroom into a spa experience. Having a diffuser is a staple in my house for use throughout the day, picking and choosing oils to benefit my mood and the air around me. Lavender, Vetiver, Balance, Cedarwood are some of my favourites, as well as any of the citrus oils.


Because our skin is semi permeable, essential oils are easily absorbed into your bloodstream, making them great for massage. 


When beginning topical use, dilute every oil with fractionated coconut oil or your choice of carrier oil and start by applying to the bottom of your feet. Diluting the essential oils with a carrier oil ensures they are not only being applied safely, but that the “reach” is increased which makes them just as effective. It can be as simple as placing 1-2 drops of oil in your hands, mixing with Fractionated Coconut Oil and applying to the targeted area. Some of my favourite places to apply our oils topically are the bottoms of the feet, the inside of the wrists, and along the base of the neck and even along the spine.


This is definitely not for everyone and should always be done with caution. Always remember to check that the oils are safe for internal use and follow usage guidelines. The benefits associated with ingesting the oils can be huge. Just as an example, when I have head tension I like to pop a small amount of Frankincense on my thumb and push this to the roof of my mouth for a few seconds. The effect is often instant. 

That said please remember it's important you DO NOT go ingesting just any old essential oils. Not all Essential oils are created equal, I personally trust and align myself with doTERRA essential oils because I know they are 100% pure tested grade oils and that each batch has been third party tested. It’s so important that what they say is in the bottle is actually in the bottle. If you have any doubts about this method or your not using dōTERRA oils then please DO NOT try this usage suggestion, you can still benefit from other methods of usage. 


Use essential oils to create non-toxic, inexpensive cleaning products for every room in your home. Create chemical-free products for your children and effective beauty products for yourself.

Lemon oil removes the sticky residue from labels and other surfaces

Lavender oil can support skin imperfections 

Add a drop of Tea Tree to your shampoo.. the list goes on 

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