Mini Courses | Ebooks & More

Not sure which oils to purchase? Why not try one of my mini courses below? to get an idea of how you can integrate these products into your daily routine, here you'll find a course for many everyday solutions, such as Sleep, Moods/Emotional support, and home cleaning to name a few. All courses come with enough essential oil samples to complete a week, plus full details of how to use them as well as ongoing support and daily emails to guide you on how to get the most out of your course. 


Alternatively you can purchase the Intro to Oils Sample set and join me on a live class or request a pre recorded download to watch when convenient for you to experience the oils first hand under my guidance. Whatever you decide, I’m here to help support you in any way I can.

Please note, if you have any long term medical complications these mini courses are specifically designed as a ‘taster’ to support various lifestyle changes, they are NOT intended to be used in place of ANY medical advice you have previously had, they are to be used as a supportive tool alongside. If in doubt ask your doctor before purchasing!