....to The Essential Oil Lifestyle, I am so excited to have you here, you have just taken the first steps to making some positive changes in your life. Im Jane and a certified Holistic Life Coach & Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, Aromatherapist, and Clean Skincare Formulator.

On this website you will find an abundance of support to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle, while learning how essential oils can support that journey as well. Some of the areas I can help are:

*Supporting feelings of nervousness, panic/dread/overwhelm

*Sleeping habits/Restlessness

*Develop Strong Mindset

*Pain, Inflammation and discomfort.

*Gut Health

*Weight Loss habits

*Detoxing your home

*DIY beauty & skincare

and much more!

My main purpose is to support and encourage people to become more intune with their bodies and more importantly to listen to our bodies. By providing it with the right balance of nutrition, rest, exercise (even if only lite) and self development/mindfulness etc you can and will gain a better understanding of your own body. The results will yield you a positive mindset, more energy, healthier skin, and a healthier diet that will nourish you, and all without restrictive diets or overwhelm, sounds good right?

That just leaves me to encourage you to have a good look around the site, and If you can't find what you're looking for then please feel free to email me with questions, but remember I am NOT a medical expert, so while I'm very experienced within my fields my advice should NEVER replace any medical diagnosis or medications you are currently on/receiving or have previously been provided with, my services are designed to support your journey only!

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