Join as a Wholesale member and Save 25% on all your Essential Oils and more! 

Like the Oils I use in my classes, and looking to purchase some? Then join our wholesale membership and save money! Who doesn't like to save money right? You can save a whooping 25% off all our oils and other dōTERRA  products for a whole year!! here's the details..


Purchase a wholesale membership for £24/$35 and then get 25% off your products for the remainder of the year, including the products you purchase in your initial order. You can select any product you’d like from the UK Product Guide and here's the Price List, if your not in the UK please email me and I can forward the correct product guide, and make sure you refer to the WHOLESALE column not the retail column. The products arrive at your doorstep within a few days and you can opt into ordering monthly to access the greatest rewards program ever. Once that initial year is over your membership reduces to £18/$25 but you receive a free bottle of Peppermint essential oil.


Get started with an Enrolment/Starter Kit. You’ll get a greater discount purchasing the oils in a kit, your £24/$35 wholesale membership fee will be FREE, and you’ll have access to 25% off all your products for the rest of the year. This option by far offers the most value and a great way to get started.


Start your own business! Get started with an Enrolment/Starter Kit. You’ll get a greater discount purchasing the oils in a kit as your £24/$35 wholesale membership fee will be FREE, and join as an advocate to earn an extra income for your family. If you have always wanted to build your own business, or looking to expand your existing business then this option is perfect! You will get full support every step of the way along with access to exclusive training and other resources to help you build a home business that is heart centred on making a difference in other peoples lives, and in doing so your curating the life you want to live too!

Let's quickly go over the benefits again.. 

- A 12-month Membership that gives you 25% off retail prices.

- A welcome gift from me (UK Only)

- The opportunity to receive 10-30% of your purchase back in FREE products with our loyalty rewards program

- The opportunity to get a FREE product every month.

 - And when you renew your membership at the end of the year at the reduced price of £18/$25 you'll receive a FREE 15 ml Peppermint essential oil and continue to receive all the bonuses above.

- And remember if you're looking for an extra income there is the opportunity to earn commission & bonuses by sharing with others and building your own wellness business from home. (THIS IS NOT REQUIRED to have a wholesale account)

Whatever you decide, you're welcome to join our public page on Facebook for creating roller ball blends, room sprays, food, beauty & home recipes, and more all using essential oils. It's a little bit of everything you could possibly need and more at your fingertips.. Sound good? Fantastic! I can't wait to welcome you to The Essential Oil Lifestyle. 

I'm ready, where do I sign up? 

How to sign up with The Essential Oil Lifestyle

I’m thrilled you’re wanting to dive into essential oils, and I can't wait for you to discover how incredible these oils are and for you to see just how much they will benefit your well-being!

Here are the instructions to place your order via my website, you need to click the link that will then leave this site and take you directly to my doTERRA website. Your order will be shipped straight to your door from the doTERRA warehouse and postage is a set £4.80 here in the UK, please note kits and prices will vary on your country of residence. If you have any questions then please contact me via email or alternatively you can book an appointment with me via the link at the bottom of the page.

Sign up instructions

✓ Click this link: www.mydoterra.com/Janeann 

✓ Click Join and Save in top right corner scroll right to bottom of screen and hit Join dōTERRA button

✓ Choose your Language & Country of Residence (for example if in the UK, you would click English- Europe and shipped too Europe and then pick United Kingdom from drop down menu) 

✓ You are joining as a customer, select WHOLESALE CUSTOMER. If you are joining as a team member then please click the Wellness Advocate option, then hit continue button. 

✓ Enter your personal information (be sure to keep this info written down for your records) 

✓ At *Enroller ID* if it’s not already in there, enter my number:  5887610 

✓ Then click verify (my name should appear, Jane Groves) 

✓ Set yourself up with a password. (And be sure to write your details used i.e password etc so you can log in straight away to check account is set up ok etc.)

✓ Click over to the next page. 

✓ Select one of the starter kits along the top, if you pick one of those your membership is ALREADY included in the price. If you would rather not buy a kit at this time and just want to add your own oil choices then pick the 'Welcome Introductory Packet for £24 in top left corner (this is your membership fee, please note this Varies depending on country of residence, for example the cost of membership is $35 if in the USA) 

✓ Then move down to the cart box below and manually type in anything else you might like to add using the links I shared at the top of the page, ideally adding a fractionated coconut oil is a great idea. Your then ready to start the checkout process.. 

✓ Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.

✓Then just sit back and await your lovely products 

✓Orders are shipped directly to your door from doTERRA. 

Once you have purchased your oils you will receive personal communication from me with an introduction to your oils and some amazing resources to get your started. From there we can set up a one-on-one Zoom to dig deeper into your needs, your wellness concerns, and making sure you feel confident and inspired to use your oils every day.

If at any time you decide you are interested in building your own doTERRA business, I will be here to guide you, support you and work in collaboration with you to create the life of your dreams.

The best part of joining here is that my support and mentorship will be available to you every step of the way, whether it's helping you to get the most out of your oils as a loved up customer, or building your own soulful wellness business too. 

The information provided on this website is for informational purposed only and  is not intended to diagnose, treat , heal or cure. Please seek further information or advice from your health care provider regarding specific concerns relating to your individual needs

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