Signing Up FAQ 

If I sign up do I have to order every month?

Wholesale Customer Account Holders - Not at all – you could order once and then never use your account again. BUT I hope to inspire you to use your oils daily, and ordering monthly is the best way to grow your collection and ditch and switch your home with more natural solutions. We even help you plan out what oils to buy in our "Pick your Path" which suggests 1-2 oils/products per month making the swaps very affordable. 

Wellness Advocate Accounts - Yes, you would need to order a minimum of 50pv to get your first level commission and a minimum 100pv monthly to qualify for all your commissions (Levels 2-7). As a business builder this is very easy to achieve as you would be using the oils on a day to day basis yourself. 


Do I have to purchase a kit to get started? 

Nope, whether your a wholesale customer or Wellness Advocate it's important we help you pick the right oils for your needs, and if that is only one or two oils..then you would only pay for your chosen membership and which ever oils you are after for getting started, but if your looking to grow your collection, the kits can be a faster and money saving way to do so, as we are sure you will fall in love with the oils. 


Will I have to do the business side and sell the oils? 

Wholesale Customer Accounts - Absolutely not! there is no catch to your membership. You are signing up for a wholesale customer account that gives you access to 25% discount off all the products. There is no monthly expectations for you to order and no minimum order requirements when you do. It's just like having a gym membership.

Wellness Advocate Accounts - This account is primarily for business building, but don't panic, even if you sign up for this account you do NOT have to continue to business build if you found this wasn't for you. You will still be able to purchase oils for yourself and share with friends etc on this account without having to build.   


What if I DO want to join the team and sell the oils? 

That's great news..If your not already signed up as a Wellness Advocate, you will need to upgrade your account to a Wellness Advocate account (Terms and Conditions may apply to upgrade from a wholesale to an advocate account) 


I can't wait to help you grow and build a heartfelt business from home empowering not only yourself, but others! I look forward to welcoming you to the team very soon. I'm so excited for you!!!


I don't live in the UK or Europe, can I still join as a wholesale member/advocate under you?

Indeed you can! We operate in over 50 countries..and I am already very lucky to have global team members and customers. You still get all the support from me regardless of where in the world you are! Gotta love (and thank) Zoom and Facebook for that! The full list of countries we are operating in can be seen on my Work with Me page 

Can I sign up with you if I have previously been a dōTERRA Advocate with a different Wellness Advocate/team?

You shouldn't sign up with another Wellness Advocate if you are already signed up under an existing Wellness Advocate, but if you have closed your previous account and been inactive for the last 6 months, yes you can! Please message me to arrange this. 

How do I know what oils are best to start with? 

Choosing your first oils can seem daunting, so it's best to remember keep it simple. My general advice is to sign up with a starter kit for example in the UK/Europe we have the Home Essentials which has 5ml bottles of our top ten oils, making it perfect to start with and most other markets have something similar to consider. That said if you have certain oils you would rather start with, this is YOUR journey, done your pace and your way, so I can help you pick the oils you need if you'd prefer only a few to start with. Once your signed up you get full access to myself and my team leaders who can help you choose the right oils to add on as you go, because once you start learning all the wonderful ways you can use the oils, I promise you'll LOVE it! We are all really passionate about empowering you to use your oils in your everyday life and make it our mission to make sure you’ve got all the RIGHT tools you’ll need to grow (so you can rest assured no one will ever use pushy sales tactics to encourage you to buy for the sake of it!) 

Still got a question? Reach out to me on here via chat, or message me from the contact page and I will reply ASAP.