"My greatest passion is teaching others as a natural beauty educator, providing online classes and courses to help you feel empowered to take your wellness into your own hands."

- Jane ann -

Independant dōTERRA Wellness Advocate 

Lately a big shift has been happening, especially this past year. Society has been shifting and started to realise the importance of self care. More and more of us are awakening to the damage that harsh chemicals are doing to our physical and emotional health. We no longer want to smother our bodies or fill our homes with synthetics & toxins. In short, many of us are actively seeking out natural, safer, kinder, better- but many don't know where to start.


That's where I can help. What if I told you there was a way to make big change to your health, create more calm in your life, detoxify your space, and save money in the process? And what's more, what if I told you it was EASIER than you think? 


Welcome, Im Jane, the founder of The Essential Oil Lifestyle and I’m a bit of a serial entrepreneur in the essential oils and clean beauty space. To date I have over 21 years within this field and have even formulated my own award winning Natural Beauty Brand, that I sold worldwide, so you could say I’m a bit of clean beauty, bath & body connoisseur. So I'm here to inspire & empower you with all natural solutions whether you're creating a toxic free home, looking to start creating your own bath, body & beauty products or craving a heart centred business from home or along side your existing business, you're in the right place. 


You'll find workshops, classes, courses and other goodies available on my website to help your wellness journey. Using ingredients you probably already  have in your home and essential oils, I can teach you how to level up your natural beauty routine and nourish yourself from top to toe by making many of your own natural beauty products.. or how to create cleaning solutions that are just as safe and effective as others without the nasties! So whether you're just curious, just starting or want to expand your essential oil use, or grow your own business, we cater for all here. Every month there are FREE (30-45 minute) classes for you to take part in hosted on right here on our website, and I offer more advanced classes and workshops for those wanting to learn in a bit more depth, as well as clean beauty training for wellness advocates within my industry to help them level up their businesses too! Each class/course will leave you feeling more empowered to take your skincare, wellness and health into your own hands and in turn help support your body for better mind, body and soul clarity, doesn't that sound good? 


Be sure to also check out the blog for more recipes and simple cleaning solutions, health and nutrition, and of course beauty & spa at home luxury, there is bound to be something you will enjoy trying. So get yourself comfortable and grab yourself a coffee, tea or drink of your choice and let’s guide you through your next few steps, I promise it ABSOLUTELY will change your life, welcome to The Essential Oil Lifestyle 

The information provided on this website is for informational purposed only and  is not intended to diagnose, treat , heal or cure. Please seek further information or advice from your health care provider regarding specific concerns relating to your individual needs

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